It’s all about the Benjamins….Family Educator

They call us Family Educators. I held several jobs in the past. I began by substituting in the school system. I took the job because the hours were convient, and we are off for all of the major holidays, and also off for two months in the summer. I have been on this job ten years. I continue to work at this job because I live in a rural area, and to find a better job, I would have to travel forty miles each day one way. This job does not make me happy. The only part of the job that makes me happy is when i delever services to the families, and i can make a difference. The part of the job that bothers me is the racism. We are in the deep south, and there are a lot of unjust things that goes on here. I often think og quitting. i would like to work for the parole board. I feel that i accomplish a lot with my families. I hate my boss. This person uses terms like “The Big House”, that is a term associated with slavery. My boss has the type of character that feels that African american people should be seen and not heard. If I tell her something she never agrees with it, however, if a white person tells her something she immediately believes them ,even if they are totally wrong. In the next five years I hope to become a college graduate, and be working in the parole system. In thirty years I hope to be retired.