Why YOU shouldn’t work here!….Friendly’s Server

I was a server at Friendly’s for about 3 months. I needed the job badly being that I was about to move out west to attend college and needed to save money for my move. I figured…what the hell. Couldn’t be all that difficult. I had prior restaurant experience being a hostess at Ruby Tuesday’s. The manager immediately set up an interview with me and I was hired on the spot. …I worked days as a server, spent only 2 days training being that they were short handed and they needed me to pick up my own tables. It wasn’t all that bad. Servers basically did everything but cooked the food…day servers that is. Did dishes, dealt with the dining room, side work, bitch work, made ice creams, and dealt with the nasty managers. The assistant manager put me in tears more than once. I told the GM that I was leaving …and she said Oh, no you’re one of our best servers you can’t…we’re trying to push her out. YEAH RIGHT! Friendly’s was the most disgusting place I had ever worked at. Cracked out waitresses that never cleaned their uniforms…and would never fail to come in hung over. I worked holidays and I stayed later than I was supposed to. I could sucked in to staying and working as fountain…and when I refused I was looked down upon. The dining room and back of the house was always a mess. Only one manager there really cared about how cleaned it was…and she was overly obsessed about it. I wouldn’t even eat there myself…after working there.

FRIENDLYS SUCKS!…and i’m exhausted, but feel better now that I ranted. :)