Mc.Donald’s Family

I am currently a swing manager at Mc.Donalds. I got my job by walking in there and telling the Assistant Manager that I needed to pay my bills and that to do so I needed a job. I think she put in a good word for me. Four days later I was hired as a crew member. The very first thing I did was Back-Drive (order taker/cashier) I was trained for two hours then left all by myself. It was ok until the third shift manager came in. He knew who my sister was and wanted to screw her so my entire night was ruined by him asking questions about her personal life. A couple months later he “quit” and was replaced by the laziest piece of scum to ever walk the planet. She sits on her ass and plays games and smokes and does nothing all night long. She thinks stocking is pulling the almost empty container out and putting it in it’s place. After she knowingly let someone rob us I told one of the other managers but they didn’t believe me. I got promoted four months after being crew which was cool and now I’m getting her job. I’ve already been told by senior managers that my store looks a lot better than hers does. The funny part is that I’m almost positive that I’m going to be training someone for my job soon. Since the former 3rd shifter is going to be moved to 2nd shift and every other manager there knows that she can’t handle it so I’m looking forward to working on 2nd shift. You can’t run a shift half-assed and you certainly can’t do it sitting on your ass. So for anyone who is thinking about working at Mc.Donalds. Yes, it’s not the best job in the world and sometimes you get stiffed on hours but you just have to ignore it a lot of the time. Our general manager or whatever he is comes in drunk and complains a lot, we’re normally under-staffed and always busy but I never really listen to him I make him feel like he’s right, admit my mistakes if I really have made one and then continue on with my night. I love my crew members and actually miss working with them and kidding around. I’ve thrown birthday parties for them and let them leave early if they have something important to do and I don’t yell at them. We all know what we’re supposed to and we do it. Not every Mc.Donalds is a shit-hole and even if you work at one now you can always make it better by putting more and more effort into it.