Nursing It’s only getting worse

I should have learned from my mother. She was a nurse for ONE WEEK in the late 70’s and she quit. Nursing sucked back then and it isn’t getting any beter.

I work in PACU in San Antonio, Texas. Just about every day we are short staffed, don’t receive lunch breaks (or any break for that matter- including restroom breaks), and go home hours past our shifts end utterly exhausted! If I could JUST be an RN, the job wouldn’t bee so bad. But a few weeks ago the housekeepers were cut- so we emptied the trash and cleaned the unit (not that I am too good to clean, but i’d rather tend to my patients). We have no support staff to help transport patients, no secretary to answer phones or input orders, and then the hospital is full, so our patients “camp out” in PACU for hours on end. Often times we have vented ICU patients camped out in Recovery, but we still have to resume care of the patients rolling out of the OR. So much work and always short staffed. The work load increases, but our pay stays the same. Nursing has the potential to be a great career- but with the severe shortage it is only getting worse. All hospital administrators think of is numbers and productivity. Why would any college student choose nursing when there are other more enticing jobs out there?? When I graduated in 2000 with my BSN, I worked in ICU and made $13.15 an hour! Not exactly what I had envisioned for myself!

Nurses are amazing professionals that do a very necessary job. Our paychecks do not match our level of responsibility. It is stressful- both mentally and physically and it is often times thank-less. Our profession puts up with verbal abuse, physical strains, and very little respect. After only 5 years of nursing and a bulging L4-L5 disc and torn L5-S1- I am OUT!