CNA drueling to be RN

I am currently a CNA in california. I have been working in skilled assisted living for about a year. I am looking for an accute care class at the moment so I can get into hospitals.

My problem is they say I don’t have the experience! I have a letter of recommendation and a letter of commendation from the places I have worked at. I am told I am beyond my years in experience. I sponge from nurses and doctors. I absolutely love the profession and am extremely protective over the care of my older residents with dementia or alzheimers.

The thing I hate is the people that are lazy and make it hard for those of us that really want to succeed get that big break and have a chance. Its to bad they hire the lazy ones and don’t give us entry birds a chance to shine. OK so I am whining sorry guys. Dammit I want in a hospital!!!!! I have a few more prereqs left to join a program. Maybe soon I will find my way but my last words are I WILL BE KNOWN IN THE FUTURE (SUPER NURSE)!!!!