anyone speak english anymore….mcdonalds

Well ive been working at mcdonalds for 1 month now, its work but its hell on grill people. First problem, yes the 10 mexicans work pretty good, except for my friend who is lazy. BUT they never get things right, to them hamburger=cheeseburger, double hambuger=hamburger, crispy=spicy, and so on. Two they always make too much meet, we are told only around 2 spicy because its a rare order, when i come in they have 12 scpicy that sits there for 5 hours, till i throw it away before leaving, plus every day when i come in we have a huge rush and then it slows down to nothing, and when this happens the mexicans are known for making 4 of everything that sits there for 30+min on the landing zone. Finally 2 of 10 mexicans in mcdonalds know about 5 english words and nothing more. now everyone must be thinking im a dumb 17 year old from highschool, NO i am a 22year old that went to college, never got certified, and my previous job paid twice what i get and i wasnt even fulltime. Then they closed down do to overseas compititon, and i found myself looking for a job for 1 1/2 years