Crying as I read these stories…nursing is horrible!

As I sit here and read these nurisng horror stories, it’s as if someone has taken the words right out of my mouth. I can’t believe so many other people feel the same way I do. I just graduated in May and have been working as a med/surg staff nurse in a large NYC hospital for 5 months. I am absolutely miserable. I never imagined I could hate my job so much. I went into nursing because I thought it would be a wonderful profession in which I could care for and be empathetic to pts. during their toughest times. I was so wrong. The working conditions are horrible, we are understaffed and overworked. I feel abused and am treated like a slave. The understaffing is unsafe for the patients as well. I leave most days feeling like I have done nothing to help anybody. I run around all day long like a chicken with my head cut off, unable to eat or pee most of the time for the whole 12 hour shift. All the while pts. are bitching that I’m not responding to the call bell fast enough. The nurse’s aides are also overworked and understaffed so half the time I end up doing their job too. I leave and walk home crying on most days and dream of being a garbage man or working at McDonald’s. I honestly feel like I could not hate a job any more than I hate nursing. I should’ve known when I was miserable in school that nursing wasn’t right for me. Even my grandmother who was a life long devoted nurse was not happy for me when she found out I was going into the profession. Guess I should have taken a hint at that time. I work 3 days a week and make over $60,000 a year, but even with those perks I still feel like I can’t go on in this profession. I have never felt so physically, emotionally, and spiritually crushed. The only thing that helps is to know that others feel the same way. It makes me sad because I wanted to feel like I was making a positive difference in the lives of pts, but really I feel like a slave and the patients just complain about the floor. I don’t even blame them most of the time becasue staffing sucks. I fear that in the future there will be no nurses because nobody will be able to do it. I’m just glad to know that others feel the same way and I’m not alone. Keep your heads up! Keep looking for new jobs and get out of the hell hole of bedside nursing!