These stories of people McJobs blow my mind!

Ive only been working at mcdonalds for about 2 months now and I can honeslty say I like it. I didnt wanna work there in the beginning cause, come on…McDonalds for gods sake. But I was accepted there right away with more than awesome managers and co-workers. Making burgers isnt that hard and when you need help theres always people there to give it. Yah sometimes food does stay in the treys a little longer than its supposed to, but I keep this is mind. “Would I eat it?” if its no than i throw it out and if its yes than I serve it. And I dont have low standards either. When I get bored when theres nothing to do we all just chill and talk. Managers dont mind, as long as we dont have a specific job we were told to do right away.

I think the only time I ever got frustrated with a customer was when he sent back a deli and said there wasnt any meat on it. But the one he ordered didnt come with meat. He order a BLT without bacon. And he sent it back because it didnt have turkey on it.

But all in all its a great job with great people and managers. But it sounds like the McDonalds in the States suck a$$…move to Canada