Nursing… of course not for everyone

Hi, I am a PA from Russia… And I’ve been RN in New York for a while. Well, I read those comments about Nursing. Nurses complain that it is a bad job, salary sucks, too much stress and etc. Overall, what people are saying is true. Nursing is really demanding field. However, when I read those responses I see mostly “me, me, me, oh poor me” self-pity-talk. Complains…. It seems to me that people who complain about beeing RNs, usually, have two problems when they chose nursing as a carier: 1. they go into the field to earn more money, 2. they focus on “helping others”. Both approaches lead to dissappointment, because of unrealistic expectations.
What can I say? Be “down to earth”. Nursing is nither horrible nor wonderful field. It is not for everyone for sure, but it is just a job with some specifics. Be cool and do not expect too much…. What do we usually expect from nursing job? Respect, money, “clean” environment, romantics of “caring for people”, sense of professionalism and etc. All these things are not going to come along… It is a tough work. period. So, be realistic, but do not blame proffession. If you are not able to handle it, it does not mean that Nursing is bad. Many RNs are happy with the fact that the are RNs.
I may compare Nursing with Military service. What do you hear and see about Military? Nice guys with nice uniforms do good deeds for their country. They jump from the sky, strike the enemy. They stand near the flag. They are such a great heros with “pure” intentions. They are like brothers and sisters ready to die for each other. They are so athletic, so sporty…. Well, I’ve been to Military service for two years. Yes, some people were nice and athletic, some people were ugly. Some people acted like killers. Some were ready to kill. Some were like brothers, some hated each other. There was no romantism. It was every-day hard work.
The same with Nursing…. If you think you’ll work in “clean” environment; yes you will, but at the same time you’ll do some “dirty” job overthere… If you think you will nicely “care for others”: you will, but you will also face unappreciations of this care and it is not going to be nice at all. If you think you will get a lot of money; yes you will, but you are not going to be satisfied with your salary afterwards. Overall, it is useless to hate or to adore Nursing…. Just do your job and try to find some pleasure in it. Do you think it is a pleasure to work as a dishwasher, waiter, cabdriver, paramedic, pharmasist etc? Everywhere you’ll find people that unhappy with their job or destiny… Even the people we envy sometimes commit suicide. Therefore, if you are RN, try to be good RN, do not complain. If you are a bus driver try to be a good driver, if you are a dishwasher, be a good dishwasher. Do not be perfectionist, just try to do it well… Also, I want to add; from my experience; those nurses who hate Nursing and complain about their proffession and coworkers are the same kind of RNs that cause problems at work. When they see only bad things in other people it is usually because they full of the same bad qualities they see in others.