afraid of the boss……retail store job

I just recently got a job working at a local retail store I loved it. You will never believe how these people who ran this placed acted I have never seen anything like it in my life.

There is a lady who is over the whole store and she walks around like there are two things between her legs. This lady harassed my so bad I quite before I lost my holy ghost some of yall know what I am talking about but these people was so scared of her.

And when I went to talk to the other top person about it she said Oh thats just how she is she always curse us out. what!

I could not believe my ears and I asked to be moved to another part of the store and she said everyone gets the same thing from her no matter where you are in the store. I liked working there but I refuse to go to a job that will have me stressed and sent to a early grave or to jail.

I was thinking of calling there corp. office to tell them what is going on. One lady who works there my heart goes out to her you can see the fear in her face.