Webmaster for Public School

My job as a webmaster for a public school district has been such a great ride. I sort of fell into the job after a web design teacher recommended me to the technology cooridinator. I started working during the summer, learning the ropes of the programs they used and the custom web development projects they had created to keep maintaining the website easier. I started out getting $6/hr and for the enviroment, I’m glad I was working here at 6/hr rather than McDonalds for 7.50/hr or whatever the going rate was at the time. Its a dream job, a great enviroment, other guys interested in computers worked there and best of all, I chose when I wanted to work. All in all, I’m glad I fell into a job such as this, where I became more comforatable about being “good” with computers and more of my peers realized this also, and started to ask for computer favors, in which I would fulfill for cash incentives.