I’m lovin’ it my ass

Ba ba ba ba ba…. whatever. i’ve been working at mcdonalds for 2 years and i bust my ass, for what? $5.75 an hour. but i put up with it because i need the job. my stores a franchise and my owner/operator is really cheap so we’re constantly running out of stuff: nuggets, cheese, reg. meat, you name we’ve out of it before. And the workers oh my god they are all dumber than hell, well most of them are anyways. you see most people who work at mcdonalds are pot heads, you guys probally know that. the customers are ruder tha hell too. “Are those fries hot”? how in the hell am i suppose to know if them fries are hot? would you like me to touch them? eat one? all i know is that the damn things are thrown out every 7 minutes and their under them hot ass lights that burn my arms when i scoop them into your fry box. the managers all talk about eachother the crew too, money always being stolen and we go through crew like we do hot cakes on a saturday morning. listen to this somebody told my owner that i brought tweasers to work and stole some money from the ronald mcdonald fund, well the thing about it is i would never do something like that, i’ve never stolen from work, why steal and get fired over what 2 bucks, please. anybody in their right mind knows that you can’t use tweasers to get money out of those skinny ass slots anyways, ugh, i’m really getting sick of the mcdonads drama, it’s sickening you have to do drugs to go into that place. you ever created mcdonalds should be shot. my favorite childhood food is dead to me! and tht pisses me off i used to love mcdonalds, i don’t know i’ve gained 30 lb.’s from that hell whole. oh and the commercials me me sick, i’m lovin’ it! try working there for 2 years making shitty pay and see how much you love it then!!!