I was a nurse and SURVIVED!!

After reading all these stories about the horrors of nursing, I want to share my story. I worked in an ICU right after college. It was in a major teaching hospital, one of the most prestigious in the country, with a reputation for pompous doctors. However, I experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism from physicians and MOST of the nursing staff. Admittedly, floor nurses are completely unprofessional and I do not consider them equals to critical care nurses! Anyway, my job involved a great deal of autonomy. I basically ran my own show, the docs would check in every 4-6 hours unless there was an issue. I sent labs whenever I wanted, I did the vast majority of assessing, I would suggest IV fluid change orders, I would tell the docs whenever anything was going wrong…in short, the nurses where I worked were the eyes and ears of the docs, and often the brains of the residents! Seriously though, I was much more than a “handmaiden.” When it came to difficult family members, I was kind but did not take shit from them. Since so many nurses are doormats, they do not make clear to family members that they are in charge. I always made sure family members knew that the staff is running the show, not them. And for that, I never got disrespected-by anyone. I was known to be tough, a good advocate, a hard worker. I was respected for those reasons. My co-workers were cliquely-but guess what-you get that everywhere. I am now in the law profession and believe me, the cliques and politics in law are 100 times worse. The hours are also bad-like 55-75 hours per week, which a nurse could never do, it would be too much! So all in all, I liked nursing, although I knew it was ultimately not for me. I miss it at times, and I certainly had hundreds of rewarding experiences in the time I was nursing.
For the people complaining-they are not seeing the big picture. All jobs that involve responsibility are tough! Get over it, folks!