Why do people insist on staying at a job they don’t like????…..Nurse

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse. I have been out of nursing school almost a year now, but have been working in the medical field close to 2 years. Right now I work at a nursing home, I don’t dislike it, but as with any other job some days are good & some days are the worst. What I can’t figure out is why do people come to work everyday just to say how much they hate being there and how they are ready to leave…..but they are the main ones that stay on the job for several years??? The previous job I had was horrible….when I was first hired, the other nurses continually told me that it was the most understaffed, underpaid place around; I kinda laughed off their remarks…until I started to see 4 myself. Some nights we wouldn’t have gloves to wear to provide care for the residents, even the residents with staph infections or other infectious diseases…I would leave (while still on the clock) and borrow some from another nursing home(eventhough it is considered stealing if the 2 homes aren’t run by the same company)I’d have a friend there who would hook me up. Anyways, some nights we wouldn’t have oxygen tanks for people SOB, no clean linens, no insulin lancets to do accuchecks, one of the nurses was diabetic and she went to her car to get hers so we would have some, we didn’t even have bed pans for the residents until right before state came in after I had been working there at least a good 5 months…..it was rediculous there. I had to leave…the 3-11 nurse I relieved was fat, lazy, and crazy as hell. She had been working there over a year(probably over 2 years) & still pronounced over half the resident’s names wrong; she was just stupid…no common sense. She wouldn’t change the residents wound dressings, she left all her trash in the cans when she would make rounds going down the hall making more work for the CNA’s after they had already emptied the trash cans…then the trash collected roaches….it was just horrible….so finally i was completely fed up after having to work as the only nurse in the whole building caring for 8o something residents several nights due to short staffing….I put my 2 weeks in (after already starting another job)when my 2 weeks was up…I was out. I am happier at the job I am at now…they pay considerably more, it’s more work though, I was working 11-7 at the other job, now I work 3-11, but I really don’t have any serious complaints…As I said before, I don’t dislike my job, but I know I don’t want to continue to work at a nursing home for the remainder of my career. I am in nursing school now for my ASN, I think I want to work on the labor & delivery unit as a RN, but I don’t plan to work in a hospital at any time until I get my RN license—-they don’t pay enough! There are good days & there are crummy days…as with any other job…but nursing isn’t for everyone–for those who said they hate it…find a job that you do enjoy, because when you’re not satisfied with your job, it shows; not only through you attitude, but also through your job performance, and nursing isn’t the job to be half stepping with