Working at McDonalds really isn’t that bad….mcdonalds job

I work at a McDonalds store in Sydney, Australia. Reading over some of the recounts of people’s experiences, I’m shocked.
I never wanted to work at McDonalds but I was pretty much forced. This is my third job in food and I’m only 16, but this is by far my best, no matter how much I hate it.
How availability times are flexible, and the managers are great at fixing up probems with the NA’s. Speaking of the managers, I think they have to be the best McDonalds managers ever.. They work ten times harder than any of the crew, sorting out problems, filling in where help is most needed, and almost never retreating to their office. They work themselves to their limit.. I think they’re great and I have a high respect for them. They get paid well too.
Personally, it was a big step from $12/hour to $8.50/hour when I moved to McDonalds, but my job now is far more constant, it goes straight into my account as opposed to cash in hand, and it all adds up pretty quickly.
My school timetable clashed with some of the times I had to work, but I cleared these up and I am not forced to work at a time when I can’t, unless I have said I will or it is rostered without informing the managers of changes.
Being in a teenage dominated workplace, there is an established pecking order which can become miserable, and I am so thankful that our managers look out for the newer, younger and smaller crew, because the older, more experienced crew have a tendency to treat others badly in their comfortability in their workplace. I make sure to look out for the new kids, and I think our store is becoming more and more like a family each week.
Our uniforms are washed, dried and pressed and waiting for us when we get to work. Some people complain about not always getting the right uniform, and I agree that it would be handier to each have our own, but I’m glad we don’t have to pay for it all ourselves.
My store owner is strict and often grumpy, very particular and a perfectionist. But: having said that, he is respected by the crew because of his authority and he has created one of the best McDonalds stores in NSW. We win awards because we are disciplined (following rules regarding health and safety, uniform, procedure and customer service). This creates a professional and valuable workplace experience for all who work at our store.
Our store is also very community based; we love to do stuff for the kids and help out the disadvantaged. Like so many McDonalds stores, they are happy to donate to good causes and support community events. This Easter we gave out a special Easter gift to each child, and at the end of the shift, the crew got one too, and in my case, being in a large family, they gave me extras to take home. My managers are by no means ungenerous, and are quite kindhearted.
While I could think of other places I’d rather work, my McDonalds store proves that they are not all the same.
There are so many myths/rumours surrounding McDonalds and the food, but I can tell you that they are 99% not true. We are committed to health, safety, great service and teamwork. Sound idealistic? It may be, but it’s possible. I know, I see it every time I go in to work.