Tribal Terrible Services…..Child Support Job

Its a pretty scarry thing that the Federal government lets these tribes just take over a very important life changing program. There are so many people that are working in these places just because they are native american that don’t care about anything but a paycheck and even if they did are too stupid to comprehend- Then we have the educated idiot that went to college on Tribal funding and then thinks he is God – but has no functional knowledge or common sense.

These are the people now responsible for getting the Child Support for thousands of Oklahoma Children- and it isn’t working! They are throwing people in jail that are paying because noone knows how to read an order and if they do they dont bother preparing for court- then we have those who haven’t paid in years- why should they? that get thier tax refunds released and never have to worry cause they are native american! The only way to work in the Tribal Child Support office is to suck up and keep your mouth shut!

SO, if you know what you are doing and can’t stand what is happening and you say something to someone who can fix it, you better bet your @ss that you are in a fix- you know when you employ mostly tribal members of a specific tribe many are going to be family and friends thus you better not insinuate that the bosses daughters friend and fellow party animal has no idea what he is doing or you will find your self ostersized for months and getting every crappy project dumped on your shoulders. I think it is reverse descrimination in a way-

Actually, in our office there are 3 blondes, we are the only people in our office over 5′ and we are also the only ones that have a clue- but we are also the only ones that get dumped on- daily! You have the other subordinates yakking behind your back that you think you know everything – you also hear the complaints about management from them- then management is on your @ss because things that are not any of your control are not being done properly and that they want you to fix it, this starts the vicious cycle over and over – then its again somebody’s niece, friend, in -law what ever who cares? This is a very important stressful job as it is who needs the Tribal BS to go with the stress of the Job?

I actually Love what I did, yes did, I finally walked out- after 2 years of dedicated service I dont even have a decent reference and am not having any luck finding a job. I miss my work and am hearing and seeing frightful things happening in that office. I wish someone would either make them train at the state or shut them down. Oh, thats another thing that gets me- they use the states computer system which is very thorough when utilized properly but will not allow the caseworkers to utilize it because they do not want to do things like the state?????????? I had state training because of this I was corrected all the time- we don’t do things like the state- I always read the Fed/Tribal Regs they are pretty much the same where Child Support is involved- the Juridictional stuff is really the most of what is different- the enforcement remedies are up to the policies and procedures of the agency. It is because the higher ups could not understand or utilize the state system that they do not want to use it- there is no other reason- oh, other than they are afraid that thier failure will be even more apparent!

So, for now paying customers sometimes even those paying by wage assignment go to jail then there is no money – and non-paying just continue to not pay- It has been that way since Chickasaw Nation took the Child Support over for Native American families in Oklahoma. It is a shame and makes me want to puke!