Alternative High School History Teacher

I am a secondary high school history teacher at an aternative high school located in the Midwestern city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The students I teach have been deemed acedemically “at-risk” by local and state Department of Public Instruction officials (DPI) and come to us essentially because they were not successful in the larger “normal” high school system. Our school’s student population is predominately Latino (most students are Mexican-American or Puerto Rican) and about 30% of the school student population is represented by Blacks, Whites American Indians and Asians. This breakdown reflects the racial/ethnic makeup of the South side of Milwaukee where the school is located. I have been working at Loyola Academy High School since January of 2005 and thus this is my second semester. Previously, I taught English as an ESL instructor at another public high school in Milwaukee as well as spending 2 years time teaching English in western Austria and Liechtenstein. I started my teaching carreer in Dresden, Germnay in 1996 as I took a part time job as an ESl instructor supplement my income as I was attending the Technical University of Dresden as a foreign student studying abroad. I am a graduate of Marquette University, a top Midwestern Jesuit university and hold a BA in German and History. Currently I am working towards Wisconsin state certification in Secondary-Broad Field Social Studies which qualifies me to teach Economics, Geography, Sociology, Phycology, and Poltical Science in additon to History. I love working in a multi-cultural envirnoment and feel proud to serving the minority community. In 5 years I hope to be either back in Austria working full-time as an English teacher in Innsbruck Austria or as a history teacher in Denver, Colorado. I will be a carreer teacher and hope to travel all of LAtin America and Europe. I have already visited 28 countries outside the USA in North and Central America and Eastern and Western Europe. I’d love to see the Asian subcontinent (Tibet and India) as well as South Africa and Australia and NZ!!! I teach because it makes a direct postive impact on the future of humanity and helps me to better understand who I am and want to be.