I’m not a robot!…call center job

So it’s like this: About 6 months ago I was unemployed, couldn’t make ends meet- you know the rest. I was out beating the street looking for work. I passed up a few things because they looked like b.s.

But after a time, I regretted that and started lowering my standards to where anything started to look good. Afterall, I was under pressure on the home front you know. So then I come across this call center with a big insurance company who’s hiring. I go in, apply and I mean they hired me in like one week! The money was better than I thought so everything is cool. I go through this 6 week training program but it was a joke.

Two weeks into the ‘training’ the nice plastic smiles faded and they are treating us all like cattle. They stick us on the phones way premature cuz the whole world’s blowing up and need us taking calls talking to people without a clue what we’re talking about. My stomach churned like every day during training as I watched 3 people bite the dust. The HR people just watched and waited and suddenly they lead you off never to be seen again. Later on 1/3rd of the class is gone through the invisible revolving door on the front of the building.

So after training I go to ‘the floor’ and was treated with total rude indifference. Now you’re supposed to know everything and if you don’t immediately meet stats you make your supervisor look bad and bring down the team. They have a department who watches everything and knows what you are doing every second of the day. If you lag too much between calls someone comes over to make you get back on the phones asap. If you are ever late to work or back from a lunch or break you are ‘out of adherence’ and it counts against your bottom line when reviews come around. Not only that but they set up your break and lunch times and you have to fill out a report if you don’t get to go exactly on time.

Also, if you have to use the bathroom, you got to put yourself into ‘restroom’ mode and get your business done pronto or they actually send people to the bathroom to look for you- no lie! Another department listens in on your calls which makes you sweat if you stop to think about it. If you get rude with some jerk calling you names on the phone, guess what- it’s all on you! You get scored on everything you can imagine: Voice inflections, certain phrases that MUST be said under certain circumstances, processing crap you have to type in across several screens on the PC. Theres no way any human can do all this- a bunch of stupid junk some fat cat dreams up in his office all day making buku bucks no doubt! Meanwhile, people call in with all these crazy questions you can’t answer for them and they get in your face about stuff you can’t do nothing about. This job has driven me to drink too. When I get off work I have to hit the beer just to relax.

It makes you crazy in there because they expect you to be a robot doing everything perfectly. If you don’t kiss your super’s behind you aint going to get nowhere either. My reviews, all in all, aren’t totally bad just because I’ve toughed it out so I get to go back to work tomorrow. But to tough it out comes at a personal price you got to pay. It took me awhile and now I see it aint worth it anymore. I’m quitting pretty soon because my new super (5th one in 6 months!) has it out for me and it’ll be over soon anyways. I hope there’s better call centers out there but this one has got to be the worst of the worst!