I’m Truly Lovin’ It….mcdonalds employee

Hi! My name is Chris. I am a Swing Manager at a McDonald’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My story isn’t that of a horror, but rather the opposite. I love my job. I started with McDonald’s when I first turned old enough to get a job. At first, like any sixteen year old, I hated the idea of giving up my weekend days, and going in to server burgers. Well, the first time I slacked off, and was terminated because I was a no call no show. Well this is my second go around. I have grown up a little (I’m 21), and I have come to the realization that if you are going to have a job the rest of your life, it needs to be something you truly love. That is my thought about life in general. If you’re going to do something, and you’re going to do it the rest of your life, you MUST have a passion for it. I have that passion for McDonald’s. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “geeze what a loser,” but then the ones who say that, quite possibly don’t have a career that they truly love.

Like I said, I have been working since I was sixteen. My first job of course, being McDonald’s, and I have stayed in the Food Service Industry that long. I mean I have strayed a couple of times from it, but I find that I just keep coming back, each time with more of a passion for it.

I love the job, first of all because it keeps me interacting with people. I am such a people person. Without being able to socialize, I would just die of absolute boredom. I spend most of my time at church, hanging with friends, working, or anything that keeps me socializing. I enjoy helping people, and each smile I see makes the job well worth it. As if I am actually making a difference. I struggled my first few months at McDonald’s (after I grew up). I had struggled with cash, irrate customers, other employees, and basically just not being used to an actual career. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t intended on making a career out of McDonald’s, but I truly hope to make it a career until I retire as at least an Owner Operator. McDonald’s is a job everyone experience everyone needs. I have learned a lot from it. Such as the fact that no matter what I go through in a day, someone ALWAYS has it worse. Well, I didn’t learn this fact at McDonald’s, but it was definitely confirmed. Therefore I just go in with a smile on my face, and some pep in my step.

Then there is the job aspect of my career. As I mentioned, I am currently a Swing Manager. I know that there a lot of people with the opinion that McDonald’s Swing Managers are older kids that have no future or any intuition. I want to correct this view. I am a High School graduate from Ringgold High School, and I do have a future, and I do have intuition. Otherwise, I would not be a Swing Manager. Most Owner Operators have started out as crew and worked their way up the ladder, and then finally one day, made the decision to own their own franchise of McDonald’s. Let me tell you, some of these men and women are some of the wealthiest in the world. They have sacraficed, and given their entire being to this, and they have definitely reaped the benefits of their sacrafice. So without shame, I am a proud McDonald’s Employee. I have successful days, and then there are the not so successful days. Those days that are successful just give me motivation to keep going, and then the not so successful days just give me lessons to learn of how to improve myself. On successful days, I may have awesome drive-thru times with ABSOLUTE customer satisfaction, and then on the not so successful days, my drive-thru times may ABSOLUTELY SUCK and there be virtually NO customer satisfaction, but I learn from each. Some people may say, “Chris, how can you be so positive?” I answer with the fact that McDonald’s has done a lot for me and my family. My mom was a manager a long time ago, and it helped put food on our table,clothes on our backs, and shoes on our feet. Plus it gained us some long time family friends.

Then there is the crowd that says, “I just want to give up.” I encourage you, DON’T GIVE UP! McDonald’s can definitely be the most awesome experience of your work life, or it can be the absolute most wasteful experience. It is all up to you.

The McDonald’s People Promise is my life commitment. To value you,your grown,and contribution. I value each person I come into contact with, whether it be someone against me, or someone for me. This is why I love my job, because I am constantly learning about people, and how to deal with them. I don’t have to be negative about it, because either which way, these people benefit me.