a day, a night, that ended, thankfully…..nurse

Did you ever get the feeling you were being pulled in a few directions – at the same time of course. For instance I have been considering transferring to a different floor or a different hospital, only my updated resume and closest accomplices know about it, yet yesterday morning….everyone is stressing over JACHO (we apparently are last on the list and the longer they wait the more everyone freaks out). I am charting and a clinical nurse educator (who is pouring over a chart to find any hidden wrong with it) tells me out of the blue to stay there (is it a sign?) and then says the words every nurse longs to hear …….”we are going toward computer charting (I think, yeah, right), we are going to have it in less than a year (could it be true?)……soon there will be Pixus (thank heaven), docs will be able to enter orders via computer (I’m dreaming. After all this would mean the doctor’s name would be in something like plain English as well as the order. It is as close to a name stamp as I will ever get)…..As I thought on that for a tiny split second feeling a slight glimmer of hope…I was immediately pulled back down into the sticky, stinking, and sticky goo which is telemetry hell.
One patient walked out on me as I was preparing her discharge. Not just any patient mind you, but a renal failure, heart failure, dialysis 3 times a week, tons of follow up appointments, and teaching needed patient. Shake it off, do some more charting to cover my “Bhind” and move on. I know you are probably wondering if she had an IV…the answer is no, she pulled it out. Thank God for small favors…sort of. And that was just the beginning.
Don’t you love when a ton of doctors conspire to discharge tons of patients at the same time, admitting then picks your floor to dump 7 patients, all new admits either from ER or doctor’s offices, starting at 4 pm (3 hours before shift change), staffing has given you 3 nurses for your very full floor, but no tech, no help, and your floor now has a list (yes, a list) containing all the new patients (and then some) that need IVs that have not been started cause there is no help, no time, and your supervisor refuses to help your floor and instead comes and stands around asking why we can’t handle it (when I came out of a patients room she had the nerve to ask me what I was doing! “Working” was the answer she got.) and then leaves while patients could code at any moment with no IV. Trust me, the nurse manager chewed her up and spit her out – a few times, but she regretfully remained intact and as heartless as ever. And my pod has the best customer satisfaction rating in the hospital??? How can this be? You know how they thought American Idol voting was rigged, our score reminds me of that. Well, in the midst of madness and insanity comes a phone call providing a new glimmer of hope…..a possible transfer might be in my future.
The other good news for the night is that no one coded (well, not on our floor, at least not while I was there)