Flexible hours but Slave labor as a trade off at McDonalds..read on…

I am a married woman with two daughers, ages 7 and 10, and I work at a McDonalds in the Detroit metro area approx. 12 hours a week.

McDonalds is great for stay at home mothers because of the flexibility of the hours/shifts. I do not work when the kids have a school holiday, can take a day off to attend a childs field trip/class party, and do not work during the extended Summer, Winter and Spring vacations. I am also at liberty to call off if one of my children are ill. I basically dictate my schedule, and the managers oblige.

That part of my job is absolutely wonderful because I can still be a full-time mother to my children while working outside the home.

Most of the people I work with are very nice and polite, with a few exceptions, and I can say the same for most of the customers.

The incerdible amount of work expected of you for the paltry salary given is dispicable.

It’s like slave labor. It is slave labor.

No wonder customer service and food quality is very poor in the fast food industry. These companies don’t pay the employees enough to CARE about the job they’re doing.

I am even more appalled at the salary of the shift supervisors and even the managers. For the amount of responsibility thrown at them, they should be paid much more than what they are.

And the big executives are laughing all the way to the bank while we laypeople are working for peanuts.

Ah, such is life…