NAFTA casualty to Career without Honor…nurse

I lost my Mfg job due to NAFTA, it went to Mexico. I decided to go to Nursing, big mistake.

I am dis-illusioned. In school we’re told to be Patient advocates. In the real world your cut off at the knees if you do. Then the offended make your life miserable, until you quit!

We’re expected to lie and, cover the MD, fellow Co-Workers, or the Hospital from potential law suits. Real world, they cut bait and run when the roles are reversed.

We’re expected to present a positive helping spirit at all times, (Magnet Hospital Ratings). Real world we’re treated like shit by; some MD’s, All the hospitals/employers, Co-workers, and most of our patients. If only the public knew how many people are murdered by mistakes!

Mistakes, due to stress, over-worked, under-staffed, you work with what-ever shows up, staff. Day after day, I look into the office to see them sitting backwards on chairs, laughing, joking while we answer all the call bells, go without breaks.

Look in the parking lot on the weekend or holiday. Absent cars, their owner’s job may not be necessary to provide revenue, IE “TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS”.

Team Play, really means, “can you touch your toes”. Instead of spending all that money to build “Team”, how about a all day sucker? It leaves a better taste in my mouth.

Team also means, “help me as often as I need it”. In return, I’m to busy, haven’t the time, I’m going on break!

Management says “Good Nurses work through their breaks”! Most days we eat violating OSHA multi-tasking, or don’t eat at all. Mean while the Anc. staff goes to breaks right on time, every day.

Don’t you love, scheduling meetings during shift work without providing coverage for the patients.

The public thinks Nurses make $40/hr. The real world we average $23/hr. About one of every 6 days scheduled we’re expected to stay home without pay or, use our precious Mental-Health-Days. Two of remaining 5 days we’re expected to take a full patient loads on a unit, not of our choice. Without regard to safety for the patient or, legal ramifications to ourselves.

Magnet status, Hospitals that Staff lie about being fairly treated. IE if the staff is happy, they will treat patients better. Real world, Nurses are threatened, good reviews or our pay raise will be effected!

Complete the survey honestly, no raises! Further punished, manditory meetings during our days off, to “build Team-Play”.

Policy’s & Proceedures, are written to fool the public. Make them believe Hospitals care: standards of care, staffing ratio’s etc. Real world, Making A profit is their ONLY concern!

I have finally adjusted my attitude, to survive in Nursing:

1)Take all the money you can get,

2)Provide quality/quanity work so your conscious allows sleep at night!

3)Do unto others, in such a way that they don’t know it was you that did it

4)Win the Lottery, Retire early!

5)Then Health care can go to Hell, I don’t care anymore!

PS Nursing could have been a good career path for me. If only there weren’t so many pissed off females in the profession!