fired for med error… grad nurse

Hello out there, I was just fired today for med errors, (meds given a little over the 1 hour leeway period due to the med sheet having punch holes on both sides of the paper I didn’t turn the page seeing my 4th med sheet only had 2 meds on it.”

My meds were given but late, my preceptor told me never to bring any errors up to my clinical educator or manager. then after her vacation she felt guilty for not reporting and now I’m fired. I’d be interested in any comments. They have weekly reviews signed by my preceptor and myself that were all positive about how I’ve been coming along in the past 12 weeks. As of last week 11 of them were missing. I have a meeting today to see if I can work at one of the snifs affiliated with the hospital the union has no way to defend me because my trial period is for 11 more days. thankfully they are sitting with me today so I am not verbally assaulted like I was the other day. They lied to me and said I had the option for more training and another preceptor then yesterday they said they never said that I need some advice on just this part of my story please help me I could go on and on and on