Nursing isnt THAT bad

You know what? At first I hated nursing. Completely despised it. I once stumbled on this page after typing ‘I hate nursing’ on google. Each time that I would even think about my next shift, I would be a nervous wreck. I’d come home angry after each shift and I’d also cry myself to sleep. However, this all changed in a matter of a day. Literally. I have decided to take a different approach. Instead of flying through the wards in a mad frenzy, constantly panicking and trying to keep up with my time management for that shift- I merely just stroll along and do one task at a time. If something is behind- no drama. If something hasn’t been done, hand it over to the next shift. Who cares what they think. I prioritise what’s most important. E.g. If someone has an urgent crisis that needs attending to, I follow it through and disregard the 4 or so patients that have soiled themselves. Even if this means that they are sitting in faeces for several hours, I don’t stress. Negligent? No.I am just simply trying to make the best of a staff shortage. There’s only so much I can do. Also, there ARE a lot of awful bitchy nurses/doctors out there. Thats a fact. If someone has a go at me, or doesn’t like the way I do things, or makes a personal attack on me, I just ignore it or tell them to take over the task I’m doing. Big deal. There’s no need to get angry or stressed. Also, if your working a shift and there is a severe staff shortage, fill out an incident report and tell the union. Hospitals have an obligation to protect their employers and should close available beds to make the nurse : patient ratio even. It may not happen overnight, but if you persistently advocate for yourself, changes can occur. So my advice is: stroll, prioritise, think of the patient first,do not stress, do not run down the wards in a manic frenzy and if the going gets really tough- throw a sickie for the next day That’ll show em.