Call Center makes you insane….Verizon Wireless Call Center Job

Working for Verizon Wireless in their call center was the best because of the money and benefits, then you start to realize that money isn’t everything. Taking calls from customers where they blame you for the mistakes on their bill, or the highcost of their bill is also your fault, it’s your fault when they damage their phone an they don’t have insurance, it’s your fault when they can’t even operate their phone.

Then there are stats where you, the expert have to get the customer off the phone in 6 min, ask the customer how the weather is, and how their day is going, like the customer cares. You work in teams of about 10 people where your stats are to be better than other teams, how is that possible when everyone on your team is stressed out and taking off work to see their shrink because the callers really get to you?

Then you get a supervisor who knows nothing about what is going on with price plans or the types of cell phones there are out there, then yell at you because you came to her for help. The VZW hr is just as blind. Too many peole I knew were fired while still on medical leave for seeing a shrink, and right before they were able to sign up for long term disablilty, their 1 yr anniversary, how do they do that to employees and still sleep at night. Their training is suppossed to be top notch, they put you in a 5 week training course and blow through the information before you can ask what you just learned. Then when you get to the phones, the course is changed all over again. Some people enjoy being cussed at and made to look stupid in front of others, money isn’t everything and if you already are insane then this is the job for you.