life at mcdonalds…not the best, not the worst

I am a crew member at a Mcdonalds in toronto, canada. I am a teenager and McDonalds is definetely not an IDEAL job but then again it’s not hell either. I started early in the summer holidays and it is now October so I’ve been there for about four months. Our store is medium sized so we have about 10 managers max and thers only 1-2 on every shift. 9/10 of them are amazing but of course you have one that just pisses the hell out of you! I mean I don’t mind doing stock up, cleaning the restrooms, lobby, I don’t really mind doing anything, that’s what theyre paying me for. BUT, there’s a way to say things. For example one manager said to me the other day, “You put way too many fries. I don’t have time for that, I’ll just have to teach you later. And I’ve told you this before.” When he puts fries, it’s like half the box which is completely wrong but i just suck it in and deal with it. He could have easily said, “Here, I’ll show you how many fries to put so that you do it right next time.” And I would have been completely fine. As for my schedule, I really just want one or two shifts a week on the weekend but they just cant get it right! They always end up messing it up somehow or another. I’m going to stick with it for a while at least another month and try and work things out if it doesn’t work I’m gone.