Librarian job….weary of battling the disgusting stereotype

I am a retired librarian. You’re picturing me now: gray, stooped, bespectacled, lonely, probably talking to my cats and writing bad poetry.

Truth is, I am a 35-year-old, full-time Mom of two kids under the age of three. My life is all about Barney, toilet training, naptime, outings to the park, and peanut butter-n-jelly.

I have been out of the workforce and my librarian job for a little over a year, now. Mostly, I don’t miss it. I earned a MLS degree (Master of Library Science) ten years ago, and spent my library career working in a couple of corporate libraries, and in just one public library. By the time I left my last job, working for a large defense contractor, I was bitter and miserable, but utterly unable to talk to anyone about these feelings. I felt burned out, underappreciated, underpaid, and bored to tears. It was time for a major life change.

I plan to go back to work someday, but I’m not sure if I ever want to work at a librarian job again. I tend to try too hard in everything I do. Finding information for others is an intellectually rewarding, stimulating job, but I was so weary of battling the disgusting stereotype of “The Librarian”. Corporations still largely see librarians as glorified file clerks, bitchy old ladies, etc. I was so sick of constantly having to explain my job, justifying both my existance and the large budget required to run a library.

I’d like to return to school, maybe learn some programming languages? I don’t know where I’ll wind up in 5 years, but I know for darned sure I won’t be doing the library thing!