i like working at mcdonalds……sometimes

im am 16 years old and have been working at mcdonalds in walmart for 1 year, i was jired at the age of 15 wich took the store manager 4 months to hire me.
i started to work only weekends on frot counter, wich i dred now! i hate it so much , with sutpid people coming up and no even knowing what to order, i hate it when they ask if we have the doller menu!! hello , mcdonalds is always gonna have the doller menu!! so i talked to my store manager many times about putting me on grill. she promised me to be trained on grill but she nevetr did, wich made me really mad and pissed off!! theres other people on grill who sucka nd are really slow, and i’m 10 times faster and more accurate than them! it wasn’t fair , my managers exxuse for not traingin me was that “im not expeirenced enoguh”ummmm………HELLO!!! how am i supposed to be experienced if i’ve never been properly trained, and i’m never on grill!!!!!
our schedules tell us when we work and what position we are working “g”means grill and “W” means fornt counter…lol i dunno y they choose “w” for front but anyway , the schedules often looks like this:
(using names as examples)
alex wwww/wwww/wwww/wwww/wwww/wwww/
jame gggg/gggg/gggg/gggg/gggg/gggg/
6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11
well, one day i saw my name on grill! i got exited but turns out that my boss made a mistake and put me on front again! ugh!!! so i got tired of this freken crap , so i gave my 2 weeks notice to my boss………guesss what happened? he said he didn’t want me to leave! at that point i got exited because i thought that i was acually gonna be valued as an employee, but the next morning i called one of my managers who also happens to be my freind ,and he told me that my boss wasn’t gonna put me on grill becuase he didn’t think i was good enough, GOOD ENOUGH!!! What the hell!!! im the best one ther!!!!!!! all these other fools are slow as snails and he tell me that im not good enoguh!! ugh , well to make this story short becuse it’ll take me days to tell you the whole thing: i got pissed off one day and told my boss that i hated wrokign front and that im frustrated and he said that he would traing me on grill the next day, well he did, and now im working on grill more often , but whats pissing me off now is that hes triang in this other person who really sucks and is lazy on grill now and is gonna make this person into a crew trainer!!! ugh!!! this person does not deserve to be a crew trainer !!! i do!!!
bottom line, i like working at mcdonalds…..sometimes, but people are bias and nothing in life is fair!