Thank God I’m not alone, I hate nursing too….nursing student

I am a third year student nurse and I hate it more than words can describe. I left school with no qualifications, so a few years later when I got my head together and decided to become a nurse my family were so proud.

A few weeks into my training I discovered I was pregnant. As everyone was convinced I would give up with my training I decided to prove them all wrong and stick with it. I’m still training with 1 year to go and I hate everything about it.

Most of all I hate having to leave my daughter for 12 hours a day just to be treated like a slave. I will finish my training but I know for sure I won’t be breaking my back for the next 30 years of my life.

I’m 25 years old now so I have to realise that nursing is not for me and think of other ways to make me and my family happy as I am miserable every day. Thanks for this website I’m so relieved.