Morrisons can suck it……supermarket department manager

I work as a department manager in a morrisons supermarket in the UK. It sucks hard. You work your nuts off everyday doing boring meaningless crap only to get told on a daily basis your not working hard enough.
You dont get any sympathy from managment, they dont care about workers or anyone for that matter. As long as they get the figures they want they are happy.
Its not rare to work 11-12 hour days surviving off 45 mins or less breaks a day. Thats awful. 15 minutes for breakfast, 15 minutes for lunch and if your lucky a 15 minute break in the afternoon. You can take more but then things dont get done. Then you get moaned at.
The pay is shit. You dont get paid for overtime which you WILL do no matter what.
Most of the people who work there are idiots and automatically treat the place as a family. Because of this you get constant bitching and if you need to shout at people then you are considered scum for not getting on with the staff. Seriously, what is wrong with these people ?
I wish i could quit. This advice is to anyone whos thinking of leaving education. DONT DO IT. I left to get some money so I could enjoy myself. Well im not enjoying myself.
The easiest jobs are retail. Once you have worked in a few places you cant find anywhere else to work.
You will never ever get a sense of accomplishment from working in a supermarket. If you do then the feeling has gone by the next day.
In 5 years time I hope to god im doing anything than this shit.