Just Sucks…..admin assistant to the president

I’ve never met anyone mean like her. I am an admin assistant for president of a “division” of a Huge company. I found out the turnover ratio is pretty high, due to one “Bit*h.”

The company itself is small. just 5 people (down from 7 in a year thanks to her). Everyone except admins travels all the time, so luckily, I don’t see her much. But when she’s in the office, the air is like “heavy & dark.”

I got in the office one day, and I started chatting w/ co-worker about weekend’s happenings while my computer is loading up. Her comment:”Hey, the shift is started.” {w/ mean tone and look)Mind you that there wasn’t phone ringing or I do not chat on the phone all day during the day.

I found last week that I hate doing “assistant” work. Unless there’s a good communication, it will be a problem. In my case, my boss being in the office averaging few days a month, it is difficult. Whenever he’s in the office, it is not even a whole day. It is a couple of hours. He calls office, mostly everyday, but he doesn’t talk about all the “work” he does, so how would I know what his next plan is for XX Co.? I wanted to say to him, “Please, communicate with me if you want things done certain way, for I’m not a mind reader” but I could not. My boss doesn’t tell me always whenever he has complaint about my job. But isn’t it stemming from difference between his expectations and how I do my work or the results of it? Why? Never told, Never asked. When he makes complaint, he does so in a way to make me think. Sometimes I get it, other times I do not. Then, he makes other comments, which is o.k.

The problem is that my boss talks with the “BIT*H”, and she verbally attacks me and makes me feel like shit. I don’t think that’s right and there have been numerous, men and women leftthe co., moved to another department because of her. I want to move to different department. But the thing is that the co. I work for span off and it is now an affiliate company of a “huge” co. that I always wanted to work for. I’m divorced and have chldren to raise. I feel I can’t take it anymore, but no one to talk…there is no longer a supervisor at the company, basically president is my direct report. One guy talked about problems with “BIT*H” to president numerous times, but was no avail, which eventually lead to his leaving the co. I don’t think no one can do anything about her, not even president, and talking to him about it is wasting his time.

How can I move to a different department? Any suggestions/comments are appreciated.