Academic chaos… coordinator/secretary

I am a… well I don’t know what I am, my title says “news coordinator” but in reality it’s all the general office duties I had as a secretary starting out 10 yrs ago in this much too big college, plus everything else (web work, editing, customer service, tech troubleshooting) they’ve been able to pile on me since then. I got this job after I fled a previous one that was even worse. I needed a job, was about to have a nervous breakdown on the other one and any port in a storm. I wish I could find a job I like but my mother is ill and my father left her and she can’t work and needs my help. The people I work with are not hard to get along with, but nobody in the place knows how to manage employees and tasks, which is why 10 yrs later I am way overloaded to the point of doing the unthinkable and quitting due to burnout. Academia may seem like a nice place to work but it is actually full of unambitious losers who do not know how to manage, plan, or do anything better than half-assed. Academia is where they all hide out.

The students are rude, supremely spoiled and think they’re entitled to abuse the clerical staff just because they paid tuition. Oh, and they’re ever so much smarter than you. They are bound for bigger and better things! Well, they are in for a rude shock when they can no longer take three-day weekends and actually have to work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for peanuts. Oh, and that they can’t wear sweatpants on the job.

My boss is a nice woman who everyone loves but unfortunately she is a major reason why nothing functions and why people think that running around like a chicken with your head cut off is normal. She never fights for anything for the department and she is a wimp. Everyone in our division treats us like crap because she lets them walk all over us. Whenever we need computer service we have to ask 6 times at least, are always last in the queue. Some of our employees work in a damp basement and are constantly getting sick and people act like this is normal and acceptable. Recently there was a rash of management people being “let go,” everyone was worried about A. but secretly I was wishing she’d get the ax, not because I hate her but because her inability to manage is making this office a living hell. But everyone but me has Stockholm syndrome, apparently, so no one notices.

In five years I hope to have cut the cord with this place and be working elsewhere in someplace slightly less stressful. I would like to work for myself but I know that’s very difficult to get started, so I hope I can find a job doing web design and secretarial work (and beat out the snotty former students who will come sniveling for jobs after they find that three shillings and their college degree will get them a beer at the pub). I don’t mind doing everything, I just mind doing three times everything like I am now.