Nursing …quitting it soon

To all those people who are entering nursing to help and make a difference – good luck.

The best answer to the reason why people join nursing , was from a grad nurse – because it is easier to get jobs as a nurse.

Yeah yeah if it is not your calling , you shouldn’t join nursing – Well excuse me , nurses are no mother theresas …if we wanted to be saints, we would have join the lil sisters of the poor or St Vincent de paul. NURSING IS A JOB …as with ALL CAREERS.

I joined nursing because of parental pressure and to use it to go all over the world . Was I interested in helping people and the suffering ? Yeap , why not do a good deed while getting paid for it.

I kinda enjoyed nursing til now. Over the years I seen my ex-patients on the streets . Some will come up and chit chat with the nurse ‘ who looked after them in the hospital’or give me gardenias from their gardens etc. Yes that was satisfying . Of course we all occasionally have our star problem child of the ward – the occasional patient who complains and whines every few second from his leg to his dressing gown to his Nil by oral orders. When the shift ends , the most important thing I have to leave with is my conscience being very very clear .

Recently I started burning out after looking at how NURSING MANAGEMENT blames us for being attacked , assaulted and abused. Now try telling the advocates against domestic violence “that it is a woman’s fault she got hit ” and there will be a big public outcry. BUT NOOOOOOO…..NOONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT THE POOR NURSES WHO GOT HIT FOR NO REASON. What happened to the zero tolerance policy ? It just turned to crap and died when the Director of Nursing decided that ‘customer satisfaction’ was more important. Never mind that my colleague had to get stitches from a punch from the husband of a patient who perfectly knew what he was doing. She had refused to lie the patient flat because the patient was getting breathless . The HUSBAND COMPLAINED….so who got blamed…the poor nurse who got assaulted for doing her job…NURSING MANAGEMENT said that it is because we don’t know how to deal with people so we got abused. Never mind the husband , my colleague wanted to call the cops on him but the hospital administration said no …think of our customer image. Screw customer image. You are making our nurses silent victims.

As for medical teams backing us up, I remember an incident where a patient was being VERY VIOLENT due to a psychotic event. NOoo the doctors didn’t want to give him sedation and order restraints but they want me to do his frickin obs. No frickin way . I told the intern to do it herself – she , being new and arrogant despite my advice she will get hit , went in and got attacked .WOW suddenly everything from restraints to sedation became available. WHY? because a DOCTOR was HIT . Never mind nurses getting smacked , scratched.

Even better still , I was attacked in 2 consecutive weeks , sustained a hairline fracture . Guess what nursing management said to me yada yada blah blah blah it’s ur fault.

We even have to stop use of psych specials who can supervise patients with mental illness one on one – why? Because it blows the budget. So? Well I had to call security when one of the psych patient tried to smother a patient thinking he was a bed. I was attacked as well….no one really gives a shit about nurses.

Screw nursing management . If I want to be a punching bag …I would not have joined nursing, I would have earnt more from professional boxing. The worse decision they ever made was to put some bitch of a nurse that can kiss ass really well on the top .