Am I crazy or does is the job?

I am a Registered Nurse. 20 years ago, I was a secretary. I went into nursing because I wanted a career. I felt slumpted in a dead end job as a secretary or so I thought. I feel stuck in this profession as a nurse now. It is really an awful job in comparison to being a secretary. Why, you may ask? Because I found respect and dignity in being a secretary. I found that people appreciated me and treated me much better than how I am treated as a nurse. So, after 20 years of this profession I have had it! I am a caring and considerate person who is under-appreciated at work. And that is a terrible emotional place to be after many years of committing yourself into helping others. I have worked everywhere that my Associate Degree will allow in nursing. Please don’t get me wrong. It isn’t the patients that I am torn up about. I have loved all my patients as if they were my own family. I have given so much of myself through the years to making what others are experiencing less painful in many different ways. I just can’t take the abuse any longer. From arrogant doctors to nurse’s who don’t give a hoot about the people that they are caring for, etc. I have watched nurses eat their young alive and I have to tell you, especially if your a nurse, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Personally, I have never allowed anyone to ever speak to me in a manner than many others feel is ok. I never accepted bad behavior from my husband or children or anyone else for that matter and I don’t plan on ever being spoken down to by especially another coworker! For instance, I assisted in a procedure in surgery because they told me that they were short staffed and if I could help out in the OR it would be appreciated. I preceeded to train one day and to my amazement, a surgeon actually thought it was ok to ridicule and belittle another nurse right in front of the whole OR team! He spoke to her as if she were a dog. “Get this, get that, move it your fat tub of lard”, he screemed. Well, it wasn’t a stressful situation. He was performing a general procedure that encompassed nothing more than removing a diseased body part and sewing up. Yet, his behavior was seemingly acceptable to everyone else in the suite than myself. After the procedure, I went up to the nurse who was belittled and what I thougt of as embarrassed. I asked her why she had let this man talk to her in this manner. And you won’t believe what she said to me! She said, “oh that, I’m used to it”. Oh my god, I thought to myself. She is a battered woman! She stood there and made excuses for him. Now how sad is that! My point is this, just because you came into this profession to help others doesn’t mean that the people you work with can batter you up! I am still amazed about this issue in this profession. I have been witness to many a occurance such as this and I have to tell you I would never have allowed this shithead to speak to me in the same manner! Needless to say, after that day I never went back to the OR to “help out” again. He is just a doctor doing his job. He isn’t a god. He isn’t a person that should be allowed to treat anyone like this. For me, it is and was unacceptable behavior. When I approached the OR supervisor regarding this matter, she simply shrugged it off and giggled in embarrassment herself. She said, “it was part of the job”, etc. Well, not for this gal! I miss being a secretary because in an office environment that sort of behavior was never witnessed. If it occurred in a different setting, the person performing the attack would have been fired! I have seen many a time, unblievable treatment in the same manner by nurses to nurses themselves. Ok, I stand up for myself and others at times at it gets me into trouble. If I don’t find respect in my job, I leave! No one should yell or intimidate anyone in any profession! Especially, if you are working your tail off being a nurse!