Simulations Technician for the army….government contractor

I’m a simulations technician for the US Army. My job consists of instructing and assisting active duty and national guard and reserve soldiers as they implement their plans for both small and large scale “battle” scenarios that are executed in real time.

Prior to this job, I served on active duty as a heavy construction equipment operator/supervisor with the Army. I got the job primarily due to my military experience. I’ve been a contractor for three years now and really enjoy it because I have the opportunity to work “around” the military rather than be “in” it. That’s not to say I didn’t like being on active duty, however.

The job is very fulfilling – I guess I still feel like I’m serving my country by helping senior NCOs and officers (LT and CPT) with military tactics and equipment capabilities. It’s a fun job and it’s rewarding. I work with 21 other retired military members who make up one of the best crews I’ve ever worked with. My supervisor is fantastic. I could go on and on about how great he is. To be honest, anything about the job that rubs me the wrong way is so inconsequential that it doesn’t even matter. I’m paid well and I have great benefits. Plenty of time off and I can take care of family matters whenever I need to without worry. When I leave for the day, I’m done. When I come in the next day, there’s nothing waiting for me. Zero stress – just battle simulations. I wouldn’t dream of quitting this job.

How I managed to get such a great job with such great pay and with such great people is beyond me. I look at it like it’s my reward for being active duty and spending months and years away from my family in hellholes like Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, and most of the rotten places the military sent me in Europe and the states.

I have absolutely no complaints about my job at all.