Terrible Bakery Slave…..grocery store baker

i use to work at a bakery in a grocery store. It was the worst job ever. The bread and pastry’s come in FROZEN, and its disgusting. Some of the bread in the shipment was GREEN. God only knows how long its been frozen, and how long the stuff sits around.

Then it is freshly BAKED in the store, that means it was heated up in the store. Some real old guy was desprite enough to be taking A LOT of cookie samples, and the cookies came in frozen too, yuck. i use to bag bread, and lablel IT. Sometimes it would sit in the back for a couple days before they would put it on the shelf and sell it.

The Real manager of this bakery had a heart condition and he was out of work sick. So this total Psycho bitch and a temp manager took over. This manager would tell me to HURRY UP,HURRY UP all the time, she was even rude to me when i was decorating cakes for customers.

She would make me scrub the floors and tell me i wasnt doing good. She yelled and screamed all the time.. On top of it, I would never get my 30min lunch breaks, EVER. Because DELI was suppose to cover lunch, When you asked them, they would say OH NO CANT DO THAT, We are busy now.. It was such bull. I lost 15 pounds from working there because i was always moving and on my feet.. Truely grossed out from how food is handeled. Once I opened up the doughnut case, and a moth flew right in my eye.

My advice, If you like pastry’s now, You shouldnt work in a bakery.