Substitute Teacher…why do other teachers act like this?

I am a substitute teacher (K-6) in Long Island, NY. I have a Bachelor and Master’s degree from Baruch College, located in Manhattan. In September I am going back to school to get a Master in English as a Second Language.

I often think about quiting this job. I noticed that teachers help and protect themselves. They share lessons, hints and experiences. I have not received the same treatment from them. I get no fedback from them.

Last week the principal called me to his office. He said that 3 teachers were complaining to him about the lack of information I left them. (Notes too short.) I was so embarrased! Dont you think they should have asked me first? I would be happy to give them any information. They just made look horrible, now the principal thinks I am an irresponsible professional.

I help teachers translate materials in other languages. I stay for their parent meetings to serve as a translator. I am very friendly and dedicated to students and teachers.

Why are the teachers acting like this? Do they hate me because I am young slim and pretty and speak three languages? I don’t think so, there must be something else. If you are a teacher, please explain this odd behavior.


name withheld