Excellent Job Performance Award and Bad Evaluation…department store sales assistat

I am a sales assistant in a department store. I been doing this for 3 years. I took this job cause I have my 2year college degree in business and wanted to get more experience.

I continue to do it, because its a learning experience,and I am trying to save up enough money to get back to college and to get a better job and away from some of the H.S Grad only losers..

I REALLY love helping customers and enjoy the whole customer service experience. Last year, I was so upset, I had a bad performance evaluation just because a few managers didnt like me. She was trying to get me fired. She said TERRIBLE things on my Evaluation and KEEP IN MIND that I was hired in ( November). So the H.R Manager gave me a 30 day probation period. She said my 30th day was up in Decemeber and that she would talk to me about how i am doing.. WELL SHE NEVER DID.

So here I am,im still here almost a year later. I have a special SELLING ability. I open more credit card applications then anyone in my store,and won an Excellence AWARD for that,(my nickname is credit card queen) also I won a mystery shopping award. So with THESE GOOD QUALITIES on my Eval, Its not fair the manager gives me a bad review just because she doesnt like me, Do you think its fair?? I think its ridiculous.

I feel I am smart, and I could be doing alot more with my life then working with H.S grad losers.I have a 2year college degree and plan on getting my 4 year degree in Business. I want to see myself on tv infomerrcials someday.