I have to find a way out…..med surg registered nurse

I have been an rn for four years now, and i can tell you it is like no other profession. I work on a med-surg floor, and i cant stand my job and the patients that I care for, well most of them.

Most are just looking for Demerol, Dilaudid or Morphine. The patients, patient’s families, and management are driving me crazy-literally.

I have to find a way out. I feel stuck because I do make good money at my JOB, by the way it is just a job, not a beloved “calling”. The nursing shortage will only continue to get worse, and I cannot wait to see the day things really get bad, if they can get worse. I thought about contacting a union, however I have been warned not to do that in the “south”.

I feel helpless in the sense that I dont think nurses will ever be able to rise up against the powers that be because our job has made us so damn angry-we don’t realize we need to stick together!!!