Lose the Stereotype…proud McDonald’s employee

I’ve just read through some of the comments written about working at McDonald’s, and I feel the need to respond.

First off, not everyone who works at there is a loser, uneducated, or lazy. I am an Army vet., I have plenty of education, and I am certainly not lazy. I am a 38 year old mother who is not necesarily interested in a “career.” I like to work.

The thing is, I also want to be a good mom. McDonalds is one of the very few places that someone like myself can get a job and work during the hours that the children are in school. I do not work weekends, holidays, or evenings. When I was a teenager, I worked those kind of hours, and today’s teens are no better than I was.

I could have a much better job (and certainly a better paying one…minimum wage is laughable) but I have priorities. I sacrificed the opportunity to make more money, sit behind a desk in a comfy chair and carry an important title so that I can be my children’s mother when they get out of school. I ask that you do NOT look down your nose at me when you order your dinner to eat in your car at 7 or 8 at night….on the way to pick up your kids from the sitter who is raising them.

And for all of you that I see complaining about working in fast food. I noticed that every one of you is a teenager. Get over yourselves. This is the way the working world is. You do not tell your boss how much more you know than he/she does. Face it, you are not God’s gift to fast food, hon. Do what you are told. When it is so bad that you have to get on the computer at night to complain to the world about it, it’s time to quit so the next snivelling little pimpled face kid can move into your spot. We won’t miss you.