Low Salaries compared to Americans……Registered Nurse in France!

Hello…from beautiful Paris, France. I am an american, who came to France 16 years ago so as to be with my husband. I went through a Red Cross nursing program which, under French Socialist ruling, only cost $750/year! I succeeded and got my degree, 1st in my class. After having nursed for the last 7 years, and unfortunately gone through a divorce (like so many of us…)

I have decided to go back to the States. I have nursed in different fields : oncology, internal medicine, psychiatry…however when conditions seem grim in the USA,, know that an experienced RN in France makes $1500 max in the beginning of their career and about $2500 after 15 years! A senoir speciality nurse makes about $1 to 200 more monthly, that’s all….

When I heard about nursing salaires in the USA, I almost fell backwards! I actually work in an intensive care unit, 3 nights a week, for $1600/month!!! We are 2 night nuses for 27 patients, with 1 nurses aide! Makes one consider things a bit…not to mention sometimes having to deal with a shortage of materiel and/or medicaments.

Anyhow…if anyone out there has any info about how I could start a new career in the USA (how can I validate my french degree in the USA?), please contacte me! hepsiba@infonie.fr…and if anyone should want info about nursing in Europe, I’d be more than pleased to respond (althoug I can tell you right away, it’s VERY difficult, excepting Switzerland). Alors, à Bientôt?