I hate this place…Cox Cable TSR rep

I hate this place so much it drives me nuts, i am a tsr rep for a a cable company I have to support all video svcs, internet svc and telephone svc.

I deal with idiots all day long and it drives me crazy. We have a customer base that consists of 12 cities so we have to work our asses off and they keep fireing ppl so we get stuck with the work load and when they train ppl it takes like 2 months to complete so we never have enough people here

and not to mention when they do updates to the system we have to take down all info on paper and call them back the next day which puts ups in que all day long because they have to do it during business hours so we have to take the burden of all these calls not to mention all the calls from other departments while they are gone and we are going through this bullshit.