JOB FROM HELL…..Friendly’s Restaurant Manager

This is quite interesting. 3 months ago, I was hired as a Friendly’s manager for a piece of shit store in Harrisburg, PA. Well I was told I would make 33k a year and enjoy a great work enviroment and benifits. Needless to say, 4 weeks later my GM quites and my DM leave our district. So I get a new DM and a GM. In the proces of it all, I take a 10k pay cut and become a server because I make more money doing that than management.

To explain my self better, I left a car sales job for this position to have some security. HAHAHHA right…Instead I get a god damn Taiwanees manager and a little midget DM that does nothing but lie and talk shit on all our employees. Its a human resource nightmare and when I leave, the store will have already accomplished a near 100% turnover rate in just 3 months!

I recommend that everyone stay away from Friendly’s.