bartender training school leads to lots of drama……bartender job

I went to bartending training school for a couple of months. It was run by these two guido-type guys who talked more about who they dated and what made a chick’ hot’ then they did about how to make drinks. Nevertheless, I did get my certificate and moved on to my first bartending job

It was at a Thai restaurant in upstate New York. I was so nervous, I couldn’t remember the difference between a margarita and a pina colada. The staff were all very nice though and took time to explain stuff to me. Over time, I learned some really exotic drinks, like a spicy Thai martini that had hot peppers in it. And they let me eat the food for free and it was fabulous. Unfortunately, because I was only making drinks for the waitstaff’s customers (there were no seats at the bar) my tips were crummy. Some days I went home with under $30 for 8 hours’ bartender work.

I left and got a bartender job at an Irish bar. There were a lot of older people there and I had to learn to make drinks like old fashions and stingers. The people were nice but a lot of drunks and men hit on me constantly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s flattering. However, when someone old enough to be your father keeps trying to get you to go out with him, it gets kind of gross. I had to do late hours — up until 4 AM. The owner was an alcoholic and used to go home early after getting plowed on his own booze. I was responsible for shutting up the place myself wtih all this money to put away in a safe. That was pretty scary. then the owner later accused me of drinking his ‘good stuff’ What a liar — he probably had no clue how much of his own ‘good stuff’ he was putting away! He ended up firing me so he could give my job away to a family member. I was so happy when I heard they went out of business!

I later bartended at another family-type of restaurant and that was OK; I had to pour beer and make frozen drinks for the waitresses, plus serve my own customers at the bar. On busy days, I made great money. On slow days, I was bored shitless. THere was also a lot of drama going on at that place; who’s dating who and who’s mad who. All the gossip really bored me. I used to stand there when it wasn’t busy and feel like I was losing my mind. People acting like little kids, talking about each others’ personal business, getting drunk every night and working with hangovers. The waitresses used to ask me to spike their morning coffee just to take the edge off.

I was getting close to 30 years old and the idea of spending my life doing this made me sick. So I went back to school and now work in healthcare. That has its ups and downs too, but at least you can move up the ladder and get paid vacations. ANd you can’t show up to work drunk!