worst bosses kill people!!!!…receptionist

I work as a receptionist in this place I have been here for about five years.
In that time about four people, including the owners wife have, contracted some form of cancer.

The worst situation was with the general manager. He became ill after a minor medical procedure, his health and strength faded quickly. Being a person who was hardly ever sick, even with a cold, it way very troubling.
He had been with the company for over 20 years and asked if he could take time off to find out what the problem was and to spend time with his wife.

He was told that he could not leave, that he was needed in the company and that was it. As it turned out he had leukemia, and I have learned that in most cases once they find that kind of cancer in you after searching for so long by the time you find out you have it there is no hope.

One friday afternoon he had gone for blood tests and came back to work after he was done, he left early and went home, by then the hospital had called and said it was urgent and that he had to be admitted to the hospital right away. He never walked out of the hospital again. The absolute worst thing is this…while he was laid up in the bed nothing to do all day he wanted to listen to some music, no big deal right? He works for an audio/video company they will be more than willing to offer a unit for him to use until he’s better right? He died almost two months after he was admitted.

After he died, the walkman he had been using was not returned right away. The cold cold cold hearted woman who is also my boss suggested to the owners wife that they call this man’s widow and ASK HER FOR MONEY FOR THE WALKMAN!!!!! She sent them a cheque to cover the cost.

I hated working there before but after this display of evil I have to try even harder every day to get dressed to go thru that door to those people. In short, I work in for the worst bosses Nazi Hell.