Help, I need a new career! Burned out RN

I am a Registered Nurse. I went into nursing school right out of high school, and I have been one for twelve years. I have worked in Med-Surg, Telemetry, Critical Care, home health, public health. I have thought about getting out of it so many times, but I never did. I just kept going back to school part-time while I was working, hoping that more education would bring me more opportunities. I am a few months away from getting by MS in Nursing, and I don’t even want to be a nurse anymore! I agree with what everyone on this website has said about hating nursing. I have tried to support the profession, welcome new nurses into the profession, tried to get respect for it, but I feel like it’s all been in vain. It’s just an endless battle. No one (including patients, families, doctors, other health care personnel, etc.) has any idea what you do as a nurse, what your responsibilities are, how hard you work. It’s just inhumane sometimes. I used to be energetic and healthy. Now I have irritable bowel syndrome, back problems, chronic headaches, and I am always tired. I am looking for another profession to get into, but I just don’t know what to do. I can’t afford tuition. My husband and I just bought a house, and we have tons of credit card debt. Plus, he just lost his job. I feel trapped! Has anyone else out there left nursing for something that you love doing, and are you happy now, and if so, what is it? I feel like I am suffocating in this career!


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  1. Your post interested me. I, too am in the MSN program, have been a nurse for 19 years and feel stuck. Have done everything from Psyche, ortho neuro, to public health. Hate it!
    I just can't figure out what else I am qualified to do to make a total career change. My husband was laid off and had to go on his own as an electrical contractor to find work after the Olympic drain on the state economy 2002.
    Let me know if you come up with something!
  2. Try the pharmaceutical/clinical research industry. They love get a cubicle, can sit and drink coffee at your desk all day long while you sure beats the wards.
    I thought i'd never find another job outside of nursing (without more education) ; I have a BScN and i was lucky enough to get decent opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, without having to go back to school. Try it...godd luck to you.