I can’t believe this……management trainee

I work at Mcdonalds. I was hired by the district manager and placed in this store to me trained as management.

On the first day I was in the store, the manager told me that he did not need any more managers and he did not know why I was hired. And it went down hill from there.

There is no planning or organization. The General Manager is never on time for his shift and neither is his shift managers. They are all generally one to two hours late for their shift. They never have the pre shift or positioning done. This store is running itself. We run out of food on a regular basis and have to borrow from other stores all the time. And my training? non existant. I have managers shirts and that is it. I am practically useless as a manager.

Because he refuses to train me or give me any job where I can fail on my own or succeed and prove myself. the manager is pre occupied with all the girls that work in the store. He is a married man, but he “messes around” with them. One of them will leave a shift early and he mysteriously has an errand to run that take several hours. I can’t talk with him about my training or lack thereof, but he can talk with those girls in his office for hours on end. Or he follows them abound the store talking to them. One of the managers was caught stealing massive amounts of food and was then promoted to assistant manager. and this same asssistant manager is now having a lesbian affair with the district supervisor.

I am just trying to get trained so I can make more money and someday have my own store. If any MCD’s GM see this and are interested in finishing my training let me know!