IBEW CA Jobs reform….journeyman inside wireman

I am a journeyman inside wireman who joined the IBEW as a wireman in CA. after working for 10 years as an electronics technician and industrial electrician in Austin during the dot com boom.

Here, in CA the “organized” members are often excluded from advancement and employment. Show me the Statistics on “organized” member attrition vs apprentice. Or relative numbers making it to foreman jobs after “organizing”.

My observation is that a large population of brothers still live in the distant past. Rather than adapt with management by positive motivation to increase productivity and practice good faith organizing, they maintain a backward, repressive, isolationist and supremist policy of organizing only a few companies and then cannabalizing the employees with disrespect and abuse. A few key employees may be spared, but the rest are cast out to gain market share for the old school hierarchy.

The new “Black Ball” dispatch article VIII from El Presidente Hill makes it easy to exclude any newly organized members from dispatch due to clothing, race, political views,physical appearance, religion, or just not sucking up and playing stupid hard enough. This is not a rank and file organization I see around me anymore but an obsolete hierarchy suffocating itself. A Smutherhood? Well I hope not for long.

The message is: [Organize with Honor]. It’s time to boot out some old skewel dicktators and get a streamlined, expanding, dynamic, IBEW BOOM underway. Publish the dam jobs and they will come.