LPN x 7 yrs…working on RN degree

I have been an LPN for 7 years. I am 29 years old with 2 kids and a husband. I
returned to nursing school part time 2 years ago and will be going full-time in the fall for fulltime clinicals, to graduate with an associate’s degree in May ‘06. I decided to go to nursing school while working at a doctor’s office as a medical receptionist. I continued work there in my new role (making $10.25 an hour)until the job became monotonous and I felt the itch to go to back to school. I took a job in an assisted living facility in order to have a more flexible schedule. I was in for a rude awakening. I was in charge of 70 residents and I was the only licensed person in the building on the 3-11 shift. With so many meds to give out, I couldn’t get them to everyone on time, and always had someone interrupting me. I quit after 2 1/2 mos and took another job in a nursing home (making $24 an hour). The job is often too much to fit into the 8 hour shift and I often feel rushed and forced to take shortcuts. Administration is quick to pass judgement and they are always looking for ways to get by on less staff. When I get my RN degree, I will not be looking for high pay, but a job in which I am more than a slave. I have taken some hours back at the office since November, and even though the job isn’t always exciting, I do what I am supposed to do while I’m there, and when it’s time to leave, I leave with no worries that I’ve forgotten something or someone, or what I am at risk for getting written up for. Money isn’t everything. Corporations are always looking for ways to line their pockets at a nurse’s expense. Remember, it’s your license. Don’t get in over your head.