I love my job….Yet another Mcdonalds Manager

I am a manager for Mcdonalds. I’ve read a lot of the other articles from both crew and managers alike. I agree with a lot of the points and disagree with others. I’ve worked in the “Fast-Food Industry” since I was 15 years old.

I’ve been in management with three different major chains. And the one thing I’ve learned from all of them is this; No matter where you work you will always have complaints. It’s called life. Nothing and no one is perfect.

99% of the time I really do love my job. Yeah I get stressed, pissed off, and aggravated. Who doesn’t? Especially when you are working with so many different personalities. I work for a Florida McDonalds (Corporation) and it’s actually not bad.

We used to be Franchise, and I can honestly say that things are better now that corporate has taken over. I have a crew that respects me and actually enjoys working for/with me. I think a lot of that is that I show them respect regardless of their age or anything else (I work with a lot of teenagers) and I also work side by side with them. I’m not what you would call an “Office Manager”. We all work together as a team, and neither I nor any of our other managers yell, hit, or degrade them in any way. I’m not going to sit here and say that I make a ton of money, but who would ever say that they make enough? You always want and need more than you have right? I can play and joke with my crew but they still know that they have a job to do. Regardless of whether you work at McDonalds or a law-firm, you have to do your job.

You don’t get paid to do nothing. Sorry, life just doesn’t work that way. I guess maybe I’m just lucky, I have an awesome Store Manager (I’m the soon to be assistant), great managers, and exceptional crew. We pull together to make it work. We may not always be the fastest, but we always serve with a smile. I would suggest to anyone to try and work in a corporate store simply because the benefits/pay/conditions etc. are much better. But besides that, if you really hate your job, go find something else. Whining about it really isn’t going to get you anywhere. Stand up for yourself and do something about it.